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Launch of New Blog / Social Networking / Virtual Tour Website

Is there any debate left about the power of the internet and the ground shifting changes in how real estate is sold, now and in the future.

Challenge of Getting Realtors To Communicate On This Site

It really all comes down to making a good offer to the real estate teams, brokers and agents.  Good, solid reputable and consistant  real estate people know the value of a dollar.  If you make them money, then your in.  If you don't make them money, your out. It is that simple.  Building a good book of business of reliable clients is the key to making a good living as a Architectural photographer.

New Type of Virtual Tour Website

Today I was able to take a stock theme (Theme322 from and address two things.
1. Streching the overall width of the drupal 6 theme from 980px to 1200px wide, a difference of 220px.  2. Experiment with embedding widgets from Google.  Theres quite a selection.  

Cool Iris Test